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MowGreen HQ has 28 solar panels on the roof.MowGreen bought 8 metric Tons of Carbon Offsets from Terrapass to zero out their carbon emissions as a business for 2015. We also avoided about 200 metric tons of Carbon Emissions in 2015 by getting the gas off the grass.
MowGreen has solar panels at HQ to charge batteries which provide the power for gear that isn’t manual (like reel mowers and rakes). Sometimes the sun isn’t out but we buy 100% clean energy options for green power when we draw from the grid. However, we still use gas powered vehicles to get around our jobs, ranging from 16 MPG to 50 MPG. 5 metric tons were purchased to factor for the gas and another 3 were purchased to cover anything we may have missed. MowGreen is a carbon neutral business.

gogreener 700 708x400 MowGreen HQ has 28 solar panels on the roof.The site link we purchased the credits from is here: Terrapass.


MowGreen® cuts grass without gas -
(gas-based lawncare makes 5 to 10% of US air pollution).


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And Organic!

MowGreen’s LawnCare is Carbon Neutral!

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 Tending the ave. lawn with gas emits tons of greenhouse gases per year; like a car driving 12,000 miles, as gas lawn gear is 10-20 times more polluting per gallon than a car. Lawn Care is 5-10% of US air pollution. MowGreen cuts grass without gas. Over 1,000 metric tons of air pollution are avoided annually - over 8,000 acres mowed without gas, avoiding 8 MILLION auto-mile equivalent emissions since 2006. MowGreen® is a carbon-neutral company, focused on sustainable lawn care technologies and services. Clean & Serene, No GasolineSM.

Values: Reduction, Ecology, Ethics, Life sustaining, & Respect, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Lasting value (REEL).

Missions: Get the Gas off the Grass! More Food Growing, Less Lawn Mowing! No Invasives, Let's Plant Natives! No Synthetics, Go Organic!

Vision: National Network of locally managed and centrally supported eco-friendly gardening & lawn care.


MowGreen  LLC- Clean & Serene, No Gasoline™: Organic, Sustainable, Zero Carbon Footprint Lawn care in Bridgeport, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton, CT. Also in Rye, Katonah and Bedford, NY.
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