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MowGreen was happy to be recognized in this year’s voting as honorable

mention recipient for the TownVibe Green Company 2017 Award. Last year MowGreen’s Founder Dan Delventhal won the TownVibe Green Individual Award.

The 2017 TownVibe Green Awards Ceremony was March 9th in Danbury at Hotel Zero Degrees. 


Fairfield Mag CoverCaptain Compost Dan QuiMowte Delventhal TownVibe Green Award Individual ’16 Winner with Reel2Reel Push Gang Kit   Green AwardsTownVibe 4rth Annual Green Awards, March 9th, 2017 in Danbury  With Xenia 20170309 194904 cropped reduced 300x194Sweet Earth Co., Xenia D’Ambrosi & Husband, MowGreen, Dan Delventhal. TownVibe Green Company Honorable Mentions 2017


MowGreen® cuts grass without gas -
(gas-based lawncare makes 5 to 10% of US air pollution).


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And Organic & Native Plant Focused!

MowGreen’s LawnCare is Carbon Balanced!

MowGreen®, 203-254-9999

Tending the average lawn with gas emits tons of greenhouse gases per year; like a car driving 12,000 miles, as gas lawn gear is 10-20 times more polluting per gallon than a car. Lawn Care is 5-10% of US air pollution. MowGreen cuts grass without gas. Over 1,000 metric tons of air pollution are avoided annually - over 30,000 acres mowed without gas, avoiding 15 MILLION auto-mile equivalent emissions (like 650 car trips around the world). MowGreen® is a carbon-neutral company, focused on sustainable lawn care technologies and services. Clean & Serene, No GasolineSM.

Values: Reduction, Ecology, Ethics, Life sustaining, & Respect, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Lasting value (REEL).

Missions: Get the Gas off the Grass! More Food Growing, Less Lawn Mowing! No Invasives, Let's Plant Natives! No Synthetics, Go Organic!

Vision: Network of locally managed and centrally supported eco-friendly gardening & lawn care.


MowGreen  LLC: Quiet, Electric, Organic, Sustainable, Low Emission, Natives Focused Lawn care in Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Milford, New Haven, Trumbull, Weston, & Westport, CT. 
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